Mitt Romney + Paul Ryan = A Woman’s World On The Line

A Woman’s World On The Line

Wake up women…and men who care about women.  What does it mean that the Republican candidate for president of the United States, Mitt Romney, has chosen Representative Paul Ryan to be his running mate?  It means you need a refresher course on just who and what the candidates stand for.

By picking Paul Ryan, Mitt Romney is stating that Paul Ryan is not only ready to be one heartbeat away from the presidency, but that they are in sync with their ideas and philosophies.

As voters, we have a right to know the philosophy and voting record of a man who hopes to be the next vice president of the United States.

Let’s start with a simple question.  What does he want to do?  Well, he wants to roll back a few things,  like a few rights you have enjoyed, and perhaps taken for granted for most of your life.

He is the U.S. Representative for Wisconsin’s  1st Congressional District.  He has served in that position since 1999.

One of the hot button issues of our time has been a woman’s right to choose.  Both parties have activists on both sides who argue the merits for and against the right to choose.

However, with Mitt Romney and Paul Ryan things have reached further than that.  They are venturing  into new areas.  The latest debate bantered about has been birth control.  Where did that argument come from?  One would think everyone could agree with the need for birth control. Apparently not.

When it comes to a woman’s right to use contraception and reproductive choices Paul Ryan and Mitt Romney  haven’t been shy about showing where they stand.  Paul Ryan has voted to give your employer the right to deny coverage of birth control in your health insurance package based on religious belief or moral conviction.  And Mitt Romney agrees.

In short this legislation would give your employer the necessary cover to decide they no longer want to offer you that benefit.  Of course, there is no such support from Ryan on regulating the male counterpart

He has also voted to strip Planned Parenthood of government funds.   Because there is so much emphasis on a woman’s right to choose many people are totally unaware that Planned Parenthood assists women, all over the country, with preventative care such as mammograms, cancer screenings and other basic  health needs.  We as women need a place to turn for our health needs when other forms of medical care aren’t within reach.

There’s more.  Paul Ryan also sponsored a bill called the Fetal Personhood Bill that would make receiving an abortion a criminal matter!  Yes, a criminal matter,  regardless of reason, including rape.  He supported a bill that would have given hospitals the legal right not to perform an abortion even if the mother’s life is in danger.

The money you make is also of great interest to him. When it comes to your job Paul Ryan does not believe you as a woman are worthy of receiving equal pay for an equal days work like men are.  He voted against the Lilly Ledbetter Fair Pay Act.  The Lilly Ledbetter Fair Pay Act guarantees that a woman is paid the same amount as a man for doing equal work.  Paul Ryan and Mitt Romney just don’t believe you deserve it.

Ryan hasn’t been very kind towards seniors either.  He wants to turn Medicare into a voucher program.  That would leave seniors having to pick up the tab for a substantial part of their healthcare.  This will affect you, your parents and your grandparents.

I know many will ask, “Well how much power does the vice president have?  He can’t do anything without the president’s approval anyway.  Where does it say that Mitt Romney supports all this?”

He has said it everywhere.  He’s embraced it over and over again.  It’s in countless Youtube videos.  However, without looking up any of those sources what his pick of Paul Ryan says to you, the voter is…Should something happen to me, this man is the best of what I feel in my  mind and heart is best for you.

That about sums it up.  Maybe you agree with him.  Maybe you don’t.

However, ladies these are your rights.  This is your fight.  It really is all on the line this election.

Remember to stand in that line.  And vote!





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